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7/4/18 Clippers vs Diamonds 1

July 24th @ 6pm

Napa Silverados vs Pittsburg Diamonds

July 25th @ 6pm

Napa Silverados vs Pittsburg Diamonds

July 26th @ 6:35 pm

San Francisco Seagulls vs TBD

More Pittsburg Diamond Videos on the Diamonds Youtube Channel

Professional Independent Baseball League in the San Francisco Bay Area 

7/4/18 Clippers vs Diamonds 2

Current Video Orange and Black Best of Farm. Which can also be seen on Direct TV Channel 623 on Eleven Sports Network

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July 27th @ 6 pm

​​Admirals vs Diamonds​

August 3rd @ 6pm

Admirals vs Diamonds

August 18th @ 5 pm

​Silverados vs Diamonds

The Golden State Collegiate Baseball League Championships will be here on BASTV 7/26th through 7/29th

​​July 24th @ 6pm

​Pro Baseball

Napa Silverados vs Pittsburg Diamonds


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