These are students that have worked voluntary and for pay for various video productions. With BASTV they have accomplished learning how to operate professional cameras in multi camera live streaming and televised productions and not only for BASTV, but with Delta TV/CCTV of Martinez California supervised by Chris Verdugo and Ron Carter. 

To operate camera in sports takes a lot of effort, energy and congnizants for sports video production is the fastest type of live video production in the industry.   BASTV would like to thank these students for jobs well done. 

Pages for Sydney Young and Jada Banks-Mace are under construction. 

For camera operators interested in working with BASTV you must have the minimum experience requirements listed below. What makes a good camera in sports is one who practices often on there own time. As it's told about the owner of BASTV before I received any financial compensation for sports video I had recorded and edited a combination of over 300 games of high school soccer, football, basketball, volleyball and baseball in a 3 year period starting in 2011 which today makes me a good camera operator. And still to this day I'm learning new things all the time. 

Advice and Requirements: When operating a camera IN SPORT you can't do any texting, think about texting, read any texting messages, be completely focused on the game 100% during the game, be able to multi-task, know that sport rules, how that game is played very well, watch professional sports on TV, be able to take instruction very well and quickly, read camera manuals, know that camera function very well, be well rested before a game, have patients, and be able to work well with others AS A TEAM and be able to train yourself on your own time so that you are as flawless as possible in a real LIVE situation. All to say the least for now. 

Before ever looking to be hired to run a camera for any company you should have at least the minimum requirements of...

1. Ten games of a that sport or each sport you did very well, on video for someone to SEE YOUR WORK.

Keep in mind you have to be almost flawless, your competition are PTZ cameras. 


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