Other Types of Video Productions By BASTV

What Goes Into A Live Stream Or Recording Production

Prior to the date of a live stream or recording production all the information is needed about the event including company logos, names and titles of everyone involved from the talent to people helping with the event. This information will get constructed into graphics to display at the beginning, during and end of the video. Creating graphics for team rosters, sponsorship information, production roster can take 4 to 8 hours alone. Streaming is done by mobile internet connection which can take 1 GB per hour and which the service provider we use cost $100/month for 8 GB.  

For most places days before event it's best to plan where cameras will be set up and given event list and sequence information. Day of event there's a set up time which could be 2 to 3 hours before start time. In all, before any cameras are recording or streaming, 8 to 12 hours can go into production preparation.

Post Production after the event is over and if there isn't anything that's needed to edit out, video is ready to put on DVD's and/or upload to Youtube, Vemeo, etc.   

We will keep an updated list of events needing sponsors. You may sponsor an event or events of your choice. The list below are planned events, most are confirmed events we will broadcast live.

Feel free to request sponsoring other events that are not listed and email BASTV with details. The professional minor league teams are open to having more games broadcast live providing we have sponsors for them. 


We haven't started our high school and collegiate sports schedule yet.

Special Discount for Sporting & Special Non Profit Organization Events

For one person 1 to 2 camera sporting events may qualify for 20% discount. For purchases of 3 or more events, 1 to 3 camera, 1 or 2 person operation will automatically qualify for 20% discount.  Semi-Pro and collegiate teams qualify for special rates. 

Editing: For sporting events don't usually need editing. Other types of events could vary upon request.

One Camera Person

1 Camera -   $25/hr.                                       2 Cameras - $35/hr. 

3 Cameras - $50/hr.  

Two Person Operation

2 Cameras - $50/hr.                                     3 Cameras - $65/hr. 

Broadcasting Live on BASTV and your site $15/hr. 2 hour events. We no longer use Youtube during live broadcast, but may record event and post them the next day.

BASTV is a supporter of athletes and other talent here in the bay area. We welcome anyone who would like to help us help encourage, motivate and value students and adults that into the passion of sports and there special talents. We would love to get the community businesses to support and sponsor BAS to help us bring more local live broadcast. For now we are starting to cover from Vacaville to Oakland and work our way outwards. We will focus on the schools, districts and teams that support BAS the most as well as pursue and follow the best athletes and talent we can find. 

Invite Us To Your Games

Feel free to send BASTV an email to invite us to your games to keep us informed. As we know the bay area is a big place and difficult to follow many schedules. There will be games that we will do for free and that may depend on our sponsorship in some cases. For games to be shot for free we will need to have your full season schedule and rosters. We may plan free games at times and sponsored games will be taken as a priority. 

Our Video Services

If you have a special event to capture on video, weddings, sporting events, meetings, etc., BASTV can capture your event in 1080i/35 mbps high quality video with multi cameras. Charges will vary with the amount of cameras requested. Below is a basic price list of services. Some situations may vary depending on the complexity of the event. 


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Production Forms

BASTV would like your support in sponsoring us to help promote and display athletic and various talent here in the bay area. In exchange we want to help advertise your business to the bay area. Your support helps BASTV create a door of opportunity and hire dedicated camera men and women who are part of multi-media school programs as well as graduated college students.

So far BASTV has picked up two individuals Jessica Yee and Andrew Peterson who are interns for the Vallejo Admirals. There experience and work has been the best BASTV has acquired to bring the bay area live quality games.

Please check out our current sponsorship agreement form for details